We accept most insurance and will file your claims in most cases electronically when possible. If your child is covered by dental insurance, please bring the insurance card at the time of your child’s first visit or call us with the inforamtion in advance.  Please also verify your “in" and/or "out" of network” benefits through your insurance prior to your child’s visit for each one of our offices.


Please make a note that any dental insurance coverage you may have is a benefit. Dental insurance is not intended to cover all your dental expenses. Once the doctor examines your child, if she/he needs any dental work, the computer will generate a treatment plan based on your estimated insurance benefits . Doctor and office personnel will review the treatment plan prior to any major dental work is initiated. You will also receive a copy of this treatment plan. In the case, your dental insurance does pre-estimations, we would be glad to send your child’s dental treatment plan to be authorized and pre-estimated in advance of any treatment is initiated.