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We would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to our practice.


At Pediatric Dental Care, we are dedicated to quality dental care and creating super satisfied patients.


A pediatric dentist is specially trained for children’s unique dental health needs with a professional education emphasizing child psychology, growth and development. At Pediatric Dental Care, we are well experienced and fully equipped to treat infants, children, adolescent, and special needs patients for their individual and unique dental needs.


In our practice, the latest technology is combined with the experience of our doctor and staff to provide your child/ren with the highest level of care available. We make patient comfort a priority, going the extra mile to help our patients and parents to feel at ease when visiting us. We promote preventive dentistry and provide pleasing environment for our young patients. While “baby teeth” are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, it is still very important to keep them clean and cavity free. At Pediatric dental Care, we focus on helping your child to have a healthy smile that is so important throughout life.       


We provide routine dental exams, digital X-rays (for lesser radiation), teeth cleanings, tooth-colored (composite/mercury free) fillings, orthodontic screening, and any other dental treatment necessary for your child. Emergency care is also available if your child experiences a toothache or dental trauma. In addition, the doctor and both offices are licensed to provide gentle sedations in the office setting for select patients. General anesthesia in the hospital setting is also available for the very young, extremely anxious, and the special needs patients.


We maintain a healthy atmosphere by sterilizing our instruments using autoclave that uses heat, pressure, and steam. Our autoclave is tested weekly for proper sterilization cycles. Barrier controls recommended by OSHA are used for every patient. This includes, gloves, masks, eyewear, and plastic barriers that are applied to all surfaces that may be touched and cannot be sterilized. Disposable items are used when possible and discarded after a single use. Disinfectants are used on counter tops, chairs and other hard surfaces. Hand pieces  (Power tooth brushed and drills) are sterilized after each use. A hazardous waste company removes all biohazard waste from our office. In addition, we use distilled water for all of our equipments including hand pieces, and water syringes.


Furthermore, our office is well equipped with TVs, Apple TVs (to select the latest movies), computers, digital Photography, PlayStation, books, and toys.

Thank you for visiting our practice website. The entire staff at Pediatric Dental Care is looking forward to helping your child have a wonderful smile.